GAJ becomes Draggable

Yup! Yesterday I’ve hacked a little more on GAJ and I’ve finished my previuos work with drag ‘n drop.

In particular I’ve added this feature to the Bookmark/Pinning area (after closing a little bug concerning the same area). Now you can drop an item onto that area and the item is automagically bookmarked. Nice, isn’t it?

With these last mods Gnome Activity Journal becames fully compatible with Drag ‘n Drop…..well, you can’t drop a file on GAJ and expect that it’s added to the current day’s list: you can’t because it doesn’t make sense. Except for that you can do everything else: you can drag ‘n drop an item in your Desktop and the item is copied, you can drag an item in a chat conversation and the item’s uri is copied and much more.
Wise men say that a screencast is better than 1000 words…so here you are (in this screencast you can see also the other feature I’ve implemented: audio preview).

Hoping that  so much rock music hasn’t broken your speakers, now you’ve to do only one thing: check it out!!!!!!
(Obviously for the moment these features are only avaible in trunk.)

Be honest: you can’t wait for the new release, can you?

Update: Now you can also drag ‘n drop a file over an empathy conversation and the file is sent to the buddy you were talking to… 🙂

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20 risposte a GAJ becomes Draggable

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  2. G ha detto:

    Great work man! It’s great to see some progress in GAJ.

    What about right click to “open the folder containing the file” and to “open file with…” ? 🙂

    Keep it up, you are awesome!

    • cando ha detto:

      thanks! well..your request is a good one, but there is somebody in the GAJ Team that doesn’t want to add new entries in the right-click’s menu…i’ll see what to do…:)..

      • G ha detto:

        Well, I hope you can convince him… 🙂

        There is a few user cases when this particular feature is much needed. For example, it’s quite common to be working on a file from a project for a few days. This project is located in a particular folder that you don’t need to remember because, after a week, you are used to open GAJ and click on the file you are working on. But then, one day you need a different file from that project and of course, you don’t know exactly where is located…

        Right now, to reach the folder, you need some Tracker magic or other very tiring process. All that would be solved with a simple right click “open folder”…

        Do you know what is the rationale behind the opposition to right click options?

        Take care.

        • cando ha detto:

          Well, sincerely i don’t know the rationale behind this opposition…:)I’ll investigate!For the rest I agree completely with you.
          I’ll work on this as soon as possible…keep tuned!

      • pt ha detto:

        that’s not useful, as you are back to file manager scenario and looking for the file again.

        • cando ha detto:

          yeah, maybe…anyway it might be useful to open the “context” folder in some cases: fx. as G said when i’m working on a project using different files…

        • G ha detto:

          Well, in the ideal situation “the file” would be highlighted so no more looking around. In any case, as you would be in the right folder knowing the name of the file…

          Of course, this won’t be useful in all the possible scenarios. But there are some in which it is a pain not to have it. I don’t see one more right click option as such a big burden.

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