GAJ continues to improve

Yesterday i’ve commited new mods to GAJ.

The Folder dilemma

The most important and the most discussed one ( see this bug, and these comments) is the possibility to add a right click entry “Open the folder containing the item” in every item’s context menu.
Well, someone has pointed out that doing that isn’t useful, as we return back to file manager scenario. Someone else instead, finds this click entry really useful ( please read the previous comment’s link).
Well, I’ve tried to please everyone and this is my solution:

Yup, it’s very simple: if you want to open  the item’s folder you can click on the label indicating the item’s path (it becomes red and the cursor becomes an hand). Doing that I don’t have to add any new click entry but opening the folder is still simple.
Pay attention: you can only click on items that really have a parent folder!
For example you can’t click on notes or webpages’s path!

GAJ becomes careful to deletions

The others two mods that i’ve commited might appear a bit technical but i think they’re very important.
In those commits I’ve fixed GAJ, so now it can handle correctly DELETE_EVENTs. What does it means?? Well, it means that from now on deleted items doesn’t appear in GAJ.

But…wait..It’s been a while that deleted items don’t appear in GAJ!

Yep, you’re partially true because that is only the case of “common” files (text, pdf, odf, etc..). With my mods GAJ becomes aware of delete events coming from external data-providers ( if you don’t know what data-providers are, check out this post). For example from now on deleted Tomboy’s notes aren’t showed, and so on…
The nice thing is that my mod will work out of the box also for other future data-providers that will send DELETE_EVENT to Zeitgeist’s daemon… 🙂

GAJ updates item’s name

Finally, the last mod permits to GAJ to update in “real-time” the name of an item that is being modified. For example if you’re working on a note and you change its name, this change is istantly showed in GAJ.

In opposition to the previous mod, this works only for external data-providers. Normal file are updated only if you close and reopen GAJ. We’re working to fix that, but it seems there is no simple way to get a rename_event from the Gtk framework.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Computer Engineering student and open-source enthusiast.
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4 risposte a GAJ continues to improve

  1. G ha detto:

    Great job Cando!

    Can’t wait to try it on the next release and give you some feedback.

    Thanks man.

  2. G ha detto:

    Well, I couldn’t wait and tried the bazaar branch 🙂

    The drag and drop addition is fantastic. It is also great that now there is a way to go to the containing folder without too much trouble. With some files there is a slightly annoying 2s wait for the “More information” window to show up but, other than that, I am a much happier GAJer (I would prefer a direct right-click option, but I guess that should depend on the needs of a majority of people).

    One more question. A few versions ago, when closing GAJ it stayed open in the “notification area”. I miss that… maybe as a plugin… 🙂

    Again, wonderful job! It is great to see GAJ moving forward again.

    • cando ha detto:

      mmmh! i’m new in the project and so i don’t know what you’re talking about… 🙂 :)…well, i’ll let you know if i’ll find something!!!


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