GAJ towards a new view

Great news dudes!
Some days ago “big Seif Lotfy” asked me to write a new view for GAJ. In his imagination this view should help the user to see when and how much he has worked on a particular item/file/anything else…
Well, in the last week I’ve hacked on that request and these are the results.

The graph is painted with a little great cairolib called Beauty-timeline that I’ve hacked and adapted to our needs…
Pay attention! This feature is in a early alpha state and it’ll be strongly improved (hopefully…when i’ll find some time after univ exams… :P).

I want a video! I want a video! I do want a video!!

Really???Are you sure?? Well, here you are… 🙂

Well, now you only have to tell me what do you think…..:P

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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16 risposte a GAJ towards a new view

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  3. pel ha detto:

    Looks great – one thing only: what is an event? Save? Load? Create?

    • cando ha detto:

      hi pel! well an event is everything: open a file, closing the file, modifying the file, listen to music, surfing a web page…almost everything you do on your computer can be associated with an event…

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  5. albertononi ha detto:

    I think the Zeitgeist/GAJ team is doing something REALLY important for Linux.
    Thank you so much!

  6. ilPestifero ha detto:

    Complimenti per l’ottimo lavoro.
    Tienici aggiornati 😉
    GNU/Linux e l’Open Source sono eccezionali anche per via delle possibilità di collaborazione che offrono: lavorare con Seilo deve essere molto gratificante!

    Complimenti di nuovo.
    GNU/Linux ha bisogno di persone come te.

    Buon anno!

    • cando ha detto:

      Innanzitutto grazie per i complimenti e buon anno anche a te!:)
      Si, lavorare con Seilo è davvero bello perchè ti stimola, è sempre presente, ti aiuta volentierissimo e crede davvero in quello che fa!!!!!!

      P.S Complimenti per il tuo blog….nel caso volessi fare una recensione di GAJ ne sarei molto contento…. :):)

      Auguri ancora!

  7. Dmitry ha detto:

    This is very cool!

    I noticed only one problem: when you tap word to find, the colors on the left have changed frequently. It’s a bit annoying.

    I’m sorry for my english =)

  8. Pablo Estefó C. ha detto:

    Very nice feature! 🙂

    Id like to know, which library did u use for the graphs?
    Some months ago i needed sth like that but i what i used wasn’t that good.

    Thanks for your time!


  9. Guillemin ha detto:


    I posted on Seif Lofty blog about your work. I want to complete what I said with an example of what I think would be interesting graphs for the data you use. It’s far from a UI proposal, it’s only graphs. Data about file use per week are matrix. So I considered using J. Bertin work with matrix. It’s nothing amazing and innovative, just stacked bar charts. The charts are stacked, not the bars in a single chart.

    You may find example there :

    The most important thing is that you can (may be you have to) order the data in the matrix to make it easier to see how is it organized. For example, you may have a chart per file, showing day use during a week and order the stacked charts by total use of a file. Or plot a year use and order it by average use date. I may send you small examples of what I mean. the possibility to change the criterion for file order might be given by the UI.

    Of course, these are only charts ideas. I didn’t consider the fact that you use a ready-to-use library may be much more efficient than a to specific widget or any implementation problem. Neither did I consider how this may be integrated in a full GUI. However, if you are interested, I may show you small examples.

    Thank you for your work on GAJ.

  10. cando ha detto:

    Hey guillemin! Thanks very much for these considerations. I’ve already replied in Seif ‘s blog but these considerations are very interesting…Sincerely, right now i’m a bit busy with exams for starting such a big revamp and implementation, but i promise that when i’ll have time i’ll give a look and i’ll let you know if all these awesome ideas are realizable…
    Thanks again,



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