GAJ getting some love

Finally i’ve found some time for hacking on GAJ. While preparing my thesis ( on IMS, SOA and services  compositions — maybe i’ll write a post about these awesome “technologies”– ) i’ve worked on some mockups that the great Dave Richards has prepared for me.

Here’s a list of my last changes:

  • The second(Thumb View) and third(Timeline View) views  are zoomable;
  • I’ve added three buttons in the toolbar that allow navigation in the Journal;
  • I’ve started to work on bug #719016 : in the ThumbView website and Xchat events are grouped, and a fancy number on the top-right corner shows the number of grouped items.
  • I’ve added the support for attaching notes to Journal’s items. (bug #715910)
  • Randal Barlow has fixed some visualization problems and other bitesizable bugs.

As always, a screencast is better than 1000 words…

Another important feature has landed in GAJ : we call it “THE BIG FAT ERASE MODE“.
Here’s a message from the Zeitgeist’s mailing list that explains this “mode”:

Speaking of a big fat eraser – that’s interesting.  What if we literally
had an Eraser tool in the journal?  Turn it on, and any events that you
click on get erased.  That would allow really quick sanitization of your
timeline, both for pr0n-y and time-waste-y things.

Again, here’s a video:

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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9 risposte a GAJ getting some love

  1. Leif ha detto:

    Re eraser mode. Will mouse left-click to select an item + delete key function the same as eraser mode?

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  3. diega ha detto:

    Great contributions!
    just a little idea probably not in the right place to be discussed. Wouldn’t be better, instead of putting a message of Erase mode activated and change the cursor to an X, to open a little panel with a trash bin so you can drag your undesirable items there? May be more laborious but I think for regular users this kind of explicitness works better.
    My 3 nano-cents.

  4. mmm ha detto:

    Will there be a posibility to group some activities and label it eg. Work? Regards.

  5. davidc ha detto:

    I love the fact that you are emphasizing the “related to” results with the number emblem. This is one of the most underrated features of Zeitgeist,while being one of the coolest.

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