Say Bye-Bye to Activity Journal! And please welcome the Journal!

Hello everybody! Great news: I’m very proud that this year I’ve been chosen by GNOME to be one of their 29 GSOC students. My work will focus around the application formerly known as Activity Journal. Citing my proposal:

The proposed project is about combining support for overviewing and re-finding past, current and future user activities in one user interface. Hence, I will revamp and rewrite the current Activity Journal application, which will then be hosted on the GNOME infrastructure. Beyond mapping out a user’s past and current doings, the journal’s UI-metaphor time lends itself to be further leveraged for reminding a user about upcoming stuff.

For the ones who are interested, you can find the complete proposal here. You can follow my progress by reading my blog or by weekly “polling” this page, where I’ll put up everything about the project: designs, code, screenshots, videos, comments and more. My mentor is the great Thorsten Prante. It’s lovely to work with him and I’m sure we’ll get awesome results.

What have I achieved so far? Well, we’re in the first “real” week of GSoC now. However, I started about 3 weeks ago. So, me and my mentor have already worked on a re-design of the application: we analyzed and discussed design options, studied some literature, experimented with designs (with the help of some others) and received early feedback. The results are documented and will soon be available. Apart from that, I’ve started to implement a prototype of the new Journal. I’m using Clutter and GTK+ and you can find out about that work here (obviously, it’s in pre-pre-pre-alpha status).

Stay tuned and see you at the next GSoC report!


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Computer Engineering student and open-source enthusiast.
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6 risposte a Say Bye-Bye to Activity Journal! And please welcome the Journal!

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  3. pt ha detto:

    Any chance of a simple right click remove item from journal, often found in other applications that deal with privacy like Google Chrome & Firefox’s dial start page.

  4. nud ha detto:

    Screenshots or it didn’t happen

  5. Ben ha detto:

    Make sure to check out the designs from the OLPC/Sugar Journal, which has been under development since at least 2007. (e.g. ,

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