GSOC report #5 – Getting there

It’s time for another GSOC report. First of all, I’d like to say that I’m very happy with the period since my the last report. Me and my mentor have worked hard on the Journal and now our application is really more clean, consistent and smooth. There are also way less bugs.

Below, a screenshot of my today’s Journal.


You can now access all items shown in the timeline view directly from the bubbles. Also, items in bubbles as well as in detail views are consistently sorted to reflect your amount of use (most-used one’s first).
Keyboard shortcuts have been added for timeline navigation as well as for switching back from detail to timeline view. Also, we improved the detail views themselves (i.e the views which open, if you click on a bubble with multiple activities).
Timebar behavior was improved. Bubbles and their headers are more consistent now, and they show bubble cardinality (i.e. the amount of items a bubble stands for). Moreover, bubbles have been tuned to use less screen space. With respect to improved and more smooth bubble and timebar designs, we owe thanks to Hylke and Seif.
In order to let you deal with files you might remember to have worked with, but which are no longer accessible we provide awareness about inaccessible files (this might become a display option in the timeline view). Inaccessibility awareness in detail views is not final yet: there will be aggregated items (which can be expanded and collapsed), to let you control detail views according to your focus.
And, sure, tons and tons of these small nasty bugs got fixed.

What’s next?

We have several pages of to-do’s left and probably, not everything will get done within the coming two weeks. For now, we’ll switch away from that list and head on to a thing very essential: search and filter. Yeah, the feature is a big one, but we’ll do our best to finish it before the end of the GSoC program. Well, and the end of GSoC will certainly not be the end of the Journal’s story.

Stay tuned!

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4 risposte a GSOC report #5 – Getting there

  1. Anonymous ha detto:

    Oh God, Tiziano Ferro…

  2. lamefun ha detto:

    Where is the toolbar?

  3. Ama ha detto:



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