GSOC 2012 – Revamp of the Activity Journal – Final report

The GSoC 2012 program is drawing to a close. Today is the firm pencils down date and we have to submit evaluations to Google. First, let me say that it has been an incredible learning experience and I’m very happy of the final results. I would like to thank everyone has taken part in this travel starting obviously from my mentor Thorsten. Then, thanks to our great Seif, Hylke, Harvey, Federico and everyone else has helped me. Finally, I want to thanks the GNOME guys for accepting my project and sponsoring my travel to GUADEC.
So, now is a good time for some reflection on what has been achieved. Well, last two weeks have been incredible; we have fixed lots of bugs, polished a lot the application, tested it and added two very important features : dynamic time navigation of your activities through the timebar widget and search.

Dynamic Time Navigation (Timebar)

We have finally revamped the timebar widget that allows you to navigate your activities dynamically and easily. With some simple clicks you can jump in time and find/search your activities much more easily than in the previous version of the Journal. The timebar is populated only with days in which the user actually performed activities: the result is less clutter and more effectiveness in navigation. Below you can see a couple of screenshoots showing the behaviour of the timebar on the left.


Now you can search your activities through a custom search view. The results are flexible and dense, displayed in the same way of the normal timeline. Here you are with the obligatory screenshoot:

That’s all. Me and my mentor are very happy of the results we achieved: we have designed and rewritten a new application from scratch and although there is still a long way to go, we reached our initial goals. Obviously I’ll continue my work on the Journal after the GSoC…so, stay tuned and see you at the next Journal report!!!!

P.S. As reminder you can find the application code here. Developers and contributors are welcome!

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8 risposte a GSOC 2012 – Revamp of the Activity Journal – Final report

  1. Anonimo ha detto:

    Congratulations, your timeline widget looks really neat!

  2. FoolBar ha detto:

    Which way does time run? Down? If so, then when two events line up horizontally, the one on the left should be the newer one.

  3. leo ha detto:

    Great job! Any ETA for a beta with a ppa for install?

  4. leo ha detto:

    has this project been abandoned?
    If so, then there is at least one sad person (me)

  5. leo ha detto:

    Guess this project is dead. Too bad.

  6. Pingback: Anonimo


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