Say Bye-Bye to Activity Journal! And please welcome the Journal!

Hello everybody! Great news: I’m very proud that this year I’ve been chosen by GNOME to be one of their 29 GSOC students. My work will focus around the application formerly known as Activity Journal. Citing my proposal:

The proposed project is about combining support for overviewing and re-finding past, current and future user activities in one user interface. Hence, I will revamp and rewrite the current Activity Journal application, which will then be hosted on the GNOME infrastructure. Beyond mapping out a user’s past and current doings, the journal’s UI-metaphor time lends itself to be further leveraged for reminding a user about upcoming stuff.

For the ones who are interested, you can find the complete proposal here. You can follow my progress by reading my blog or by weekly “polling” this page, where I’ll put up everything about the project: designs, code, screenshots, videos, comments and more. My mentor is the great Thorsten Prante. It’s lovely to work with him and I’m sure we’ll get awesome results.

What have I achieved so far? Well, we’re in the first “real” week of GSoC now. However, I started about 3 weeks ago. So, me and my mentor have already worked on a re-design of the application: we analyzed and discussed design options, studied some literature, experimented with designs (with the help of some others) and received early feedback. The results are documented and will soon be available. Apart from that, I’ve started to implement a prototype of the new Journal. I’m using Clutter and GTK+ and you can find out about that work here (obviously, it’s in pre-pre-pre-alpha status).

Stay tuned and see you at the next GSoC report!

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Please say Welcome to the first draft of Zeitgeist Global Privacy

Finally we have started working on a feature (or better, a set of feature) that many, many, many users have long been calling :

  • the possibility to delete a part of Zeitgeist history (last hour, last day, last week,…);
  • the possibility to blacklist an application or a particular MIME type (where blacklist mean that Zeitgeist won’t log anything that the user does with this particular application);
  • the possibility of  inhibit the logging of a particular folder.

In simple word, the user asks the control on what Zeitgeist should or should not log.
For achieving this, we are implementing an application, that we call “Zeitgeist Global Privacy”.
My task in the team is to create the UI (basing my work on some Manish‘s mockups).

And so here you can see some screenshoots of this first draft of the application.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Emesene2 gets MeMenu support.

Some times ago I wrote a patch for the Ubuntu MeMenu adding the support for Emesene chat client. Emesene it’s the first open-source project I’ve worked on and I’m glad to announce that my patch has been accepted and will be included in the next Ubuntu release, Natty 11.04.

This is a great news for all Emesene’s users because in Natty they will find a fully integrated (Emesene supports the Messaging menu, too) and shiny new Emesene2 ( for the uninitiated, Emesene2 was released, debianized and included in Debian and Ubuntu ).

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GAJ getting some love

Finally i’ve found some time for hacking on GAJ. While preparing my thesis ( on IMS, SOA and services  compositions — maybe i’ll write a post about these awesome “technologies”– ) i’ve worked on some mockups that the great Dave Richards has prepared for me.

Here’s a list of my last changes:

  • The second(Thumb View) and third(Timeline View) views  are zoomable;
  • I’ve added three buttons in the toolbar that allow navigation in the Journal;
  • I’ve started to work on bug #719016 : in the ThumbView website and Xchat events are grouped, and a fancy number on the top-right corner shows the number of grouped items.
  • I’ve added the support for attaching notes to Journal’s items. (bug #715910)
  • Randal Barlow has fixed some visualization problems and other bitesizable bugs.

As always, a screencast is better than 1000 words…

Another important feature has landed in GAJ : we call it “THE BIG FAT ERASE MODE“.
Here’s a message from the Zeitgeist’s mailing list that explains this “mode”:

Speaking of a big fat eraser – that’s interesting.  What if we literally
had an Eraser tool in the journal?  Turn it on, and any events that you
click on get erased.  That would allow really quick sanitization of your
timeline, both for pr0n-y and time-waste-y things.

Again, here’s a video:

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Hurray! I’ve landed on Planet GNOME!

Hurray!I’m so glad my blog has landed in such an awesome blogging platform that Planet Gnome is. It’s awesome having the opportunity to  communicate with the large and enthusiastic audience that the GNOME community is: this is my “Hello World” to you, but c’mon, i guess i should introduce myself.

My name is Stefano Candori, a 21 years old Computer Engineering italian student and open-source entusiast.
I’m also an agonist swimmer and in my sparetime when i don’t hack on something i play the guitar or i ride my bike.
I’m currently the maintainer and most active developer of GNOME Activity Journal (previously known as GNOME Zeitgeist), but i’m also involved with the whole Zeitgeist infrastructure. Randomly i hack in other projects like Unity, Emesene, Emesene2, Cloudsn, and others.

I’ve requested to be added to Planet GNOME for keeping you guys informed and up-to-date on what happens to the Activity Journal’s world but, if you don’t know what GNOME Activity Journal or Zeitgeist are, please check this post: it’s an introduction to the wonderful world of Zeitgeist.

What else? Well, thanks again GNOME community…keep tuned!

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Gnome Activity Journal 0.6.0 released!

On behalf of the Gnome Zeitgeist team I am proud to announce the release of Gnome Activity Journal 0.6.0 “Pink Unicorns don’t exist”.

2011-1-23: GNOME Activity Journal 0.6.0 “Pink Unicorns don’t exist”
* General New features
– Added drag and drop support to the three views (LP: #553385).
– Added drag and drop support to the bookmark/pin area (LP: #365048).
– Improved items preview adding information tooltip. (LP: #561863).
– Added tooltip for peeking quickly into categories.
– Added preview for Audio items.
– Added appindicator/Tray icon support.
– Added support for Xchat.
– Added support for Bazaar version control system.

* Eye candy tweaks
– Added “welcome screen” showed when the Activity Journal starts and loads the items.
– Go to Today button always highlighted.
– Path’s label clickable in MoreInformation window (LP: #532303).
– Usability tweaks to the views toolbar.
– Item’s categories becomes coloured when containing a searched item.

* Bug fixes
– Fixed bookmark/pinning feature (LP: #680653).
– Fixed support for RECEIVE_EVENT (LP: #667870).
– Fixed day’s part timerange (LP: #655045).
– Fixed crash caused by gstreamer (LP: #705545).
– Fixed problem with dialog windows (LP: #706543).
– Fixed title of MoreInformation window(LP: #706544).
– Fixed video previews problem.
– Fixed visualization bug in TimeLineView.
– Fixed internationalization and localization problems.

* Misc
– Added support for DELETE_EVENT (fx. deleted Tomboy’s notes aren’t showed).
– Cleaned up code (fixed some gtk and gio warnings, remove unused code).
– Added new translations (ast, it, el, eo, et, eu, ko, sl, zh_TW).

Manish Sinha will package it as soon as possible…meanwhile you can check it out here:

I’ll write a review post with video and pictures as soon as possible…

UPDATE: You can find it in the official Zeitgeist’s ppa: ppa:zeitgeist/ppa .

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Zeitgeist gains the XChat Dataprovider

During these last days I’ve implemented the dataprovider for the famous multiplatform irc client XChat.
If you don’t know what a dataprovider is, please check these links:

In simple word:

Dataproviders are small plugins for applications whose work is to push the user’s activities as events in the Zeitgeist daemon.

By the way, at the moment the XChat dataprovider pushes to the Zeitgeist daemon these events:

  • Joining a channel
  • Quitting a channel
  • Sending a message
  • Receiving a personal message (when your nickname is mentioned in the message)
  • Quit from XChat

I’ve already updated GAJ to support that new dataproviders and here you can see a screenshoot:

At the moment you can find it in trunk:
UPDATE: Great Manish Sinha has packaged this dataprovider; you can find it here.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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